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Role of Ethics in Business Scenario

Role of Ethics in Business Scenario

Author: Mrs. Anita Verma, ,

Assistant Professor Faculty of Commerce A.M.P.G.C.Varanasi,

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Fast growing world always create a sense of competition among the viewers ,this thirst of getting more and more has somewhat made us “ a machine” that machine which has nothing to do with the elements like right and wrong . It seems ethics, morals principles and values are disappearing at a very fast speed, and business too is being unethical these days.

Latest cases and figures make the picture more relevant. But before that see what is ethics its self is all about. In my opinion ethics is something which my inner feelings tell me is” right or wrong” it has to do with my beliefs which is as per the law or those sort of standards of behaviors that our society accepts .

In a common parlance Ethics, also known as  moral philosophy, is a branch of philosophy that involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct. The term comes from the Greek word ethos, which means “character”. This paper deals with the role of ethics in modern business scenario.

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