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Executive Coaching in Corporate India- Present State & Challenges ahead

Executive Coaching in Corporate India- Present State & Challenges ahead

Author: R.S. Dabas, ,

Letter No.V-34564,Reg.533/2007-2008 INDIAN JOURNAL OF RESEARCH(2012)6,60-66 ANVIKSHIKI ISSN 0973-9777 Advance Access publication 24 Mar. 2012 *Director – Centre for Individual & Organization Excellence New Delhi [discusses the present status of Executive Coaching in corporate India and the challenges ahead] (India)

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Executive Coaching is not just a frill or fancy word today as it is widely accepted as a necessary learning, needed to improve businesses.. Executive Coaching as a specialized discipline has been flourishing in the US, UK, Australia and other developed economies. For years, CEOs of some of the

most successful and largest companies in these countries have relied on executive coaches. Research studies in these countries have been consistently showing spectacular improvements in performance after executive coaching. It has made its presence felt in India too – top corporate honchos now acknowledge the invigorating role that a coach plays. In India we had followed the concept of coachingas the metaphor of “guru-shishya parampara” as a very unique practice. There are many top business executives, company owners and successful working professionals in India who have their own coaches and mentors. Typically they are called as ‘Gurus’ and are addressed in several different forms.The current concept of executive coaching is still in a very nascent stage in the corporate India. However, inrecent years both corporates and individuals are starting to recognize its impact and relevance as a method of facilitating, learning, development and performance enhancement. The increasing role of executive coaching is evident from the 50% industry growth seen in recent years resulting in a new entrepreneurial opportunity – the industry of executive coaching. But, the fragmented and nascent stage of this industry makes it difficult to define its size and structure. A rough estimate suggests that the industry size in India is USD 60 million as against USD 5 billion in the US.



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