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Author: koushikattam Paramanik, ,

Research scholar bangala department bhu varanasi

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 With Jhansir Rani [The Queen of Jhansi (1956)] Mahasweta Devi announced her arrival in the arena of Bengali Literature. In the realm of Bengali fiction she established herself as a novelist, a short-story writer and an essayist. Into her fiction Devi has incorporated a wide range of human interests—starting from a deep sense of historicity via concerns for the middle class stratum of the society to the affairs of tribal lives. Some of her celebrated novels are Mother of 1084, Chotti Munda and His Arrow, The Glory of Shree Shree of Ganesh, Pterodactyl, Puran Sahay and Pirtha. Exploitations of the tribals, especially that of the Santal, Orao, Dusad, Ganju and Munda communities get vividly portrayed in her consummate fiction. In Aranyer Adikar, Chotti Munda and His Arrow and Pterodactyl, Puran Sahay and Pirtha She has deftly delineated the life of the Mundas of Manbhum, Chota Nagpur and Singhbhum as well as the Nagasias of Madhya Pradesh. In these novels she has illutrated not only the social depravity of the tribal people but also their culture, rituals, beliefs and life-style. In a word she is the narrator of the oppressed and silent people.

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