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Occupational Health Hazards in Dental Practice- a brief review

Occupational Health Hazards in Dental Practice- a brief review

Author: 1. Dr. Ankita Singh, 2. Dr. RajulVivek,

1&2Service Senior Resident, Unit of Prosthodontics , Faculty of Dental Sciences, Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University Email id- Corresponding Author- Dr. RajulVivek

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Abstract - Dental professionals are susceptible to a number of occupational hazards.Occupational hazard refers to a risk or danger as a consequence of the nature or working conditions of a particular job. type of occupational exposurethat dentists may get exposedto mayincludeInfectious hazards, Psycho-social hazards, Allergic reactions, Physical hazards, Mercury health hazard, Ionizing radiation, Non-ionizing radiation, Anesthetic gases in the dental office. Continuous educating and appropriate intervention studies are needed to reduce the complication of these hazards

Basically, for any infection control strategies, dentists should be aware of individual protective measures and appropriate sterilization or other high-level disinfection utilities. Concerning prevention, the global literature focuses strictly on control of infections and appropriate management of potentially infected materials, owing to the high profile of dentistry regarding infection transmission. The current review aims at discussing occupational health problems in dental practice as the importance of avoiding accidents withinfected material cannot be overemphasized!”

Keywords - occupational hazard, infection control, occupational health problems

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