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Fistula in Ano (Bhagandara)

Fistula in Ano (Bhagandara)

Author: Dr Sanjay Singh Chauhan,Ms (Ay) IMS BHU ,Assistan, ,

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About the author-

 Dr. Sanjay Singh chauhan was borned in Ghazipur district in Uttar Pradesh (up) in a family of farmer.  After his primary education in home district, He had done his graduation ( BAMS) from Faculty of Ayurveda,  Banaras Hindu university in year 2011. After this he got selected in all india postgraduation entrance test and completed his post graduation [MS (Ay)] in Department of Shalya tantra, faculty of Ayurveda IMS, BHU in year 2015.



About the book : Fistula in Ano (Bhagandara) published in 2016

The disease fistula in ano and haemorrhoids form the greatest percentage of diseases pertaining to the ano-Rectal region, of them fistula in ano is a disagreeable condition for the patient and often creates problems which become the source of his restlessness. The disease is not only limited to a particular race but has a uniform distribution throughout the world

Acharya susruta included this disease under ustamahagad.means disease which is difficult to understand and difficult to treat this. I hope this book will fulfill the above purpose .

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